IWAYCARE EHR® is a patient electronic health record (EHR) that was designed to be both windows and web based practice management systems. It is easy-to-use and it offers functionality for Record patient informations,Sheduling, charting, problem lists, medication management,allergy checks, order management, lab tests and document management, among other capabilities. The system is more customizable to meet a provider’s personal charting preferences.

IWAYCARE is accessible over Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and Tablet by Doctors, Nurse and Patients.

You can help your patients to play more active role in their own health care with free access to their own record. Patient health records can reduce medical staff work and takes only a moment to access clinicl records.

  • Patient Information
  • Appointment Management
  • Information Masters
  • Nurse Visits
  • Examine
  • Speciality
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Diagnoses and immunization history
  • Problem and Social history
  • Ward Management
  • Operation Theatre Management
  • Ambulance Management
  • Reports
  • Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Master Health Checkup
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